With a donation of just $30, you can help Calgary Academy raise a portion of the funds needed to buy a new bus, so we can continue to enable experiences that help our students thrive. 

A school bus is about more than just a vehicle from point A to point B.

It’s a gateway to adventure, memories, and friendship. 

From field trips across the city, to athletics competitions across the province, when a CA student gets on our bus, they know their day is going to be special. This is not just another day of school. 

We've made memories for our students and their families by...

Delivering joy 

CA stayed connected during emergency online learning in 2020. Scorcher and staff delivered REACH celebration prizes and welcome gifts to current and incoming students.  

Extending campus 

With access to a bus, the city and surrounding areas become our extended playground. CA has used the bus for numerous programs and field trips, including outdoor education adventures.  

Building school spirit 

Our student athletes use the bus to visit the competition. The Knights Athletics program builds character, teamwork, and athletic skills, and the bus allows students to meet and challenge competitors across the province.

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